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 Breaks characters

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PostSubject: Breaks characters   Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:38 pm

Eve Evlong
Age: 14
Characteristics: Long blond hair and bunny ears, along with a huge poofy fox tail, she has pink eyes and wears knee high blue heel boots. and wears a sky blue dress that is a corset with a frilly 2 layer skirt attached
Her chain is a 9 ft tall hunch back bunny with wolf feet and claw like hands. has a fox tail with a blue tip, black eyes and bunny ears that go down to its knees. its weapon is a huge ice scythe and can control ice.

Eve was born in the summer,
She had been out wondering around the island because she was ordered to be a servant form the Sinclare family, on her way she was knocked out by abunch of random guys and she lost most of her memory. She woke to meet Sonne. Shes been living with sonne as her twin sister since then. she now is trained in swordsman ship by a man named Grim Regnard.

A quick sketch of her
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Breaks characters
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