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 Sonne Char Sheet

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PostSubject: Sonne Char Sheet   Thu Nov 11, 2010 10:53 pm

name: Sonne Avinlong
age: 19
characteristics: long red hair with emerald green eyes, wears a long jacket with stripped sleeves, a black tanktop and a pink skirt, midthigh high stockings with knee high black boots, has a tattoo of vines crawling up her left side. Quiet at first but speaks her mind and means what she says, once she's use to you she talks more. Honest, hard working, always getting into trouble, skiddish til she warms up to you and after you've earned her trust, likes to be moving around, childish at times, loves a good fight, playful. Loves to sing, write, draw and read books.
Chain form: is a demon tiger with pink ears and a pink and black stripped tail. Gentle to her family when in this form but mess with her and it'll be the last thing you do, she's a hidden wildfire and will destroy anything and everything that threatens her, or her loved ones. If your in the way when she snaps your in the way and being one of her family or loved ones means nothing. Protective of the one she trusts and will do everything she can to protect them, playful but a loner.
bio: Born in spring time, was always outside looking for someone to play with or bugging the staff. Then Eve came along and Sonne was happy to have someone to play with other than the staff, she was always around eve. One day she stumbled upon a guy running around, she went over to him and took him home, she looked after him even though he was older than her, he became her servant after a while.

(rough sketch pic by Eve)
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Sonne Char Sheet
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